Should You Attempt to Build Your Own House?

Building your own home may sound like a stupid suggestion, but it might not actually be that stupid. Remember, a self-build home isn’t necessarily one that is built by your own hands, it just means you make the decisions and you hire tradesman to do it for you. It’s quite easy, and you might be surprised about how much it costs. Let me take you through some of the facts and figures surrounding self-build homes and you might get a better idea of whether or not it’s something for you to undertake.


Do it For Queen and Country

Now, in Britain, the government are actually encouraging people to build their own homes. Only 10% of all homes in Britain are self-builds. This is incredibly low, especially when you compare it to some of the other countries around the world:

  • Austria has an 80% rate, which is big for the world standard
  • Germany, France, and Italy are all sitting comfortably at 60%
  • Now the US and Australia are both at 40% which is low, but still nowhere near as low as ol’ Blighty.

Self-build homes are generally better than ones you find at estate agents because they come straight from you. You help design, it. It is tailor made for you, so of course it’s going to be better.

Let’s Talk Price

A lot of people will say that they can’t build their own home because they don’t have the money. They say this without actually looking at how much they cost. I’m going to give you some prices now, but they are in British Pounds, because they are the stats I have here. However the differences in prices are pretty transferable around the globe. Here we go:

(These prices are averages so they might change depending on certain factors)

  • House Price (England/Wales) = £162,000
  • New-Build Price (England/Wales) = £190,00
  • Self-Build Price (with Builders in England/Wales) = £146,000
  • Self-Build Price (without builders in England/Wales) =£84,000

So it would seem that it is actually cheaper to build your own house – and if you do the work yourself, it proves to be a lot cheaper; try nearly 50% off!

You can find my stats and more information on the BBC website.

The Difficulties

For anyone who has seen programmes like Grand Designs or DIY SOS, already know that logistically it can be quite difficult to sort it all out, you have to organise steel fabricators like, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, landscape architects, regular architects etc etc. The list goes on. You can obviously hire building manager type professionals who will take off a lot of the load by organising as much as possible. All you have to do with these people is give your consent and throw in the odd two pennies worth.

Maybe Give it a Go

It’s a massive decision to build your own home, but how great would it feel to be able to build your home, your way? It would be brand spanking new and would be plastered with your personality. Money can’t buy that … or maybe it can …


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