Family Vacation at Dumaguete

One of my goals this year was to travel more than we did last year. I firmly believe that traveling is more educational than it seems. It gives the children a wider perspective about life and appreciation of God’s goodness, faithfulness and creativity aside from the fact that it builds memories with our loved ones.

Last week, we were blessed to be able to go to Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental. It allowed us to understand Philippine geography more as we looked at the map and learned where Negros Oriental was situated and how it differs from Negros Occidental. The family stayed at One Bethany Place and it was a nice cozy inn where liquor and smoking were prohibited. The prices of the rooms were also very affordable!


We traveled to Twin Lakes Nature Park and enjoyed the cool weather last Monday.



The lake was truly serene and peaceful. You can stay there all day staring at the scenery.

We also went to Azalea Coffee Shop. It was situated at the mountains where you have a magnificent view of the majestic mountains.


Then we toured Siliman University. It is the oldest American university in the country and the first in Asia Pacific. It was established in 1901. We even saw  one of the original buildings which is now a museum. The kids and I also went inside their library and visited some of their exhibits.



The next day, we went to Bais City and we rode on a motor boat to look for dolphins! It was really windy that day therefore the waves were strong. After riding around the area for about an hour and a half, we finally saw the dolphins! There were more than a dozen of them!

They swam ahead of our boat and beside our boat as if accompanying us! It was tryuly an unforgettable experience! I wasn’t able to get any photos but captured some of the moments on video instead.


One of the best views we’ve seen was the place they called sand bar. We arrived past 9am and saw the island in the middle of the sea! After  few hours, the island was completely swallowed up by the waves.

IMG_2978 IMG_3017

We also went to the town proper of Dumaguete and saw the Rizal Blvd, the famous Sans Rival bakeshop, the Lee Supermarket and Why Not restaurant. We also went to a souveneir shop and was amazed at the low prices of the Filipiniana items!


We really enjoyed our stay at Dumaguete because the people are really hospitable and gentle! The place was clean and though the streets were 2 way, the drivers were courteous. The food was delicious and cheap, and the servings were generous.

It was our first time to this wonderful city and I know it won’t be our last.




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