World Read Aloud Day

Our family loves reading aloud together. Aside from the entertainment it gives us, reading aloud gives us a time where every body stops what they are doing and just comes together for a common activity. It has given us countless memories of families and characters we have met while reading together. We’ve discussed the different journeys each of the characters take and the outcome of each story. We learn together through new vocabulary words, how to handle different situations and experience new adventures together.

For the past 5 years that we have been reading aloud as a family, I have witnessed first hand the advantages reading aloud together.

– Reading aloud brings the family closer. We take time off from whatever we are doing and tune in together in a common activity. It is an intentional activity that draws us together.

– Reading aloud enriches ones vocabulary. Words, story and new adventures await us each time we read. It helps develop reading comprehension and correct word pronounciation.

– Reading aloud connects us to one another. In a fast paced life, family often don’t have anything in common to talk about. Reading together gives us this opportunity.

– Reading aloud brings the family to different places. It allows us to travel without leaving the house, and learn with our eyes and feelings.

As we celebrate World Read Aloud Day on the 4th of March this year, I encourage you to take a book and read with your children, even if they can already read on their own.


You’ll never know just what sort of adventure awaits you!

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