Basic Yaya Training for 2015

For families who have hired help at their household, here are some basic yaya trainings for them!


There are 4 workshops for you to choose from.

Workshop 1 is Etiquette and Cleaning and will happen on April 25 at Mothercare Active Fun. Topics to be discussed:
• Personality Development
• Manners
• Etiquette
• Responsibilities/Housework
• Alternative Cleaning Methods
• Healthier Food Alternatives

Workshop 2 is New Born, Infant and Toddler care. You can choose either May 2 or August 8 at Mothercare Podium. Topics include:

Understanding and Care of:
• Newborn (0 ‐3 months)
• Infant (3 ‐12 months)
• Toddler (1- 3 years)

Workshop 3 is Basic First Aid. You can choose either May 30 or July 18 at Mothercare Podium. Topics include:

• Common Diseases on Children
• Emergency Situations
• Preventing Accidents
• First Aid

Workshop 1-3 speaker is Cristina Mendoza from VentureLab Business Resource Center Inc. She has been facilitating the Yaya Seminars for VentureLab. She has worked as a School Nurse and Preschool Teacher.

Workshop 4 is Money Management. You can choose either June 20 or September 19 at Mothecare Podium. The speaker is Fitz Gerard Villafuerte. He is a Registered Financial Planner and a book author. His blog Ready to be Rich has been awarded the Best Business and Finance blog for a couple of years.
Topics include:
• Personal Finance Mindset
• The Habit of Saving
• Protection
• Money and Relationships

Fore more details and to register for any of these workshops, please proceed to

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As you register, please put MJCABYT1 on the Referrer Code so they would know you heard about the workshop from me.


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