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sahmAs a stay at home mom for the past 11 years, I have learned to fix my schedule so I can attend to the needs of my family, do household chores and have some alone time each day. It was really important that I learned to adjust through the phase of our life and be flexible.

I am sharing this since I have received some emails asking me how I manage my time as a stay at home mom.

When my kids were below 2 years old, we have hired a stay in helper to do the household chores for me. I was hands-on with my babies and attended to their needs by myself. I slept when the babies slept and enjoyed our breastfeeding sessions. When I had to go out, I made sure I was back in 2 hours. There was little time for me to do any sort of work since caring for babies was round the clock.

When my kids were above 2, we no longer hired a stay in helper. I began to do the household chores by myself. I woke up early so I can clean the house and wash the laundry. When I say clean the house, I only sweep the floor and wipe the surfaces. Then the kids wake up and I prepare breakfast for them. Made sure they cleaned up and played with them shortly. Then they took their nap and I prepared lunch. Then its lunch time. In the afternoon, they take longer naps and I can do more cleaning at the house, like cleaning the bathroom, changing bedsheets and fixing the clutter. There are days that I get to blog, or read books during this time. When they wake up, I spend my time with the kids again. We usually have the same meal as what we had during lunch so I dont need to prepapre new dish anymore. After dinner, we clean up and have time to read together and do some fun activity before calling it a night. Then afterwards, when the kids are sleeping, I get to spend time with my husband.


There are some household chores that I dont do by myself to avoid burnout. I ask help for specialized services such as ironing of clothes, carpet cleaning from Green Choice Carpet of Brooklyn or cleaning the garden.

It has been pretty much our routine at home and now that the kids have grown, they are helping me with the household chores. They are able to play by themselves too so I have more time to read, work online and do what I have to do.

Don’t stress yourself out. It is important to realize that while the kids are small, they would need your attention but it doesn’t last forever and it is only for a certain season. I truly believe that the secret to enjoying being a stay at home mom is managing your expectations and using your time wisely.



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