The Critical Thinking Co.’s Math Analogies Level 1 Review

Critical Thinking Company Review

I have heard of The Critical Thinking Co. a few years back and have high regards for their different products. Their products bring critical thinking into the different subjects like math, reading, science and history. As part of the Schoolhouse review crew, I was given the Math Analogies Level 1 windows software download to review. This product is best suited for grade 2-3 students. Perfect for my 8 year old grade 2 boy. We were expected to use the product at least 3 times each week.

Critical Thinking Company Review
Math Analogies provides standard based math analogies and logic problems that teach reasoning and analysis. It encourages your children to really understand and think about the problem on hand. As your child comprehends each question, breaks down the problem and learns in-depth analysis, they become more confident in answering logic based problems which they will often face in standardized exams later on and as they face real life problems, they become more analytical in resolving issues.

There is a total of 152 mathematical questions and the child has 4 attempts to get all questions correctly. The child can answer as many questions as he likes in one sitting and just resume the attempt on his next login.

Math Analogies is available in 4 diffefrent formats: physical book, Windows software download, iOS app for iPad and app for Android tablet. We were given the Windows software download. We logged into the Critical Thinking website and downloaded the product to our laptop from ‘My Downloadable Product’ section. It was a pretty straightforward download and installation. It took less than 5 minutes to complete the installation process. The software does require me to have Windows 8/7/Vista operating system to run. As long as the software is installed, we can use the  product repeatedly.


How We Used the Product

I clicked on the icon on my desktop and it brought me to the screen where I need to create a user, so I input the name of my son. He was enthusiastic to start something new and he got right on to answering the different logic problems.



There were some questions that were easy for him to understand but there were also some that he didn’t know just what it meant. But he was hooked on answering the questions. The interface was simple and clean. There were colored graphics but nothing too much that could have distracted him from analyzing the questions.

Each question presented a math statement then a problem for him to answer based on that statement. In each problem, there were 4 choices. He had to choose one and drag it to the rightmost part and click on submit. Math Analogies gives immediate feedback whether the choice made was CORRECT or INCORRECT.

We didn’t know how many questions there were or if there was an automatic stop, so my son just kept going until half an hour later, he was tired. We closed the application for the day. Upon our next login a few days later, we saw that he had finished 64 items out of 152 already. He got a score of 92%


He clicked on resume 1st attempt and contined on answering the different questions. Some of the questions were about logic, math equations on multiplication, fraction and shapes.  Whe%n he finally finished answering all the 152 questions, he got a score of 84%.

A few days later, he logged in again and started his second attempt. On his second attempt, the system gave him another chance to work on the problems that he wasn’t able to answer correctly. There were a total of 25 problems that he missed and this time, he onnly got a score of 40%. I sat with him and checked the missed problems. I explained the problem and why his answer was incorrect.

On his third attempt, he had to answer 15 problems and this time he got the score of 73%. I was glad that he improved and on his fourth and final attempt, he needed to answer only 4 items and he got the perfect score of 100%.

It took him about 5 half hour sessions to complete all the questions and finish the 4 attempts.

mathWhat I Thought of the Product

True to their mission, The Critical Thinking Co.’s Math Analogies helps children become better problem-solvers. Kids nowadays are often given instant results and with the availability of the internet, kids are no longer challenged to think creatively and analytically. Using this product can increase the brain’s analytical thinking and give the children exercises that will be beneficial for them in the future. The price of the product is just $6.99 and is already good for 2 computers. You get a high quality product for a minimal price! You can also re-use the product to help your child be familiar with logic problems.

I would recommend this as a supplementary material for Math, especially for those who are preparing for standardized exams.

For more information on the product, please visit their Facebook page at, Google+ page at, Twitter at and Pinterest at

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Critical Thinking Company Review

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