Keep Your Family Cool This Summer With Springtime A/C Maintenance

While people often give away their old garments and buy new clothes every year, and even every season, they are not in the habit of throwing out expensive durable items such as their home’s heating system or its air conditioning unit. At least they do not think they are doing this. Yet, when these crucial environmental support mechanisms are allowed to run year-after-year without any proper servicing or routine maintenance, it is effectively the same thing as throwing them out—since they will fail much sooner than isanticipated for their normal service life.

Since most families are not endowed with the resources that would permit them to buy a new air conditioner every year, it only makes sense that they take care of the one they are already fortunate enough to own. Making sure that a few simple maintenance steps are performed prior to cranking up the unit for the long, hot summer allows one to concentrate on what summer is really about—having fun. Spending a large sum to replace a worn-out air conditioning plant is not the best way to do this, so it is important to carry out some basic air conditioner maintenance in the springtime before putting a lot of stress on the system.


Many of these steps can be performed at home. These units are not vacuum cleaners and they really don’t like to operate with lots of trash and leaves being fed into the equation. Clean and clear debris around the external parts of the system so that there is no risk of damage due to the introduction of foreign material. While you are at it, now is a good time to clean or replace the filters on your air conditioner. Not only does this help extend the life of your equipment, but it is also a great way to improve the health of your family by cutting down on the amount of dirt and dander circulating around inside your home.

Beyond these typical maintenance tasks, a homeowner should leave the remaining part of the problem to a professional HVAC service company, like Zodiac Calabasas air conditioning service. While they are seldom seen, a slight leak of the coolant gases can be both dangerous and highly destructive of the most expensive part of the system, the compressor. Having a professional do an annual air conditioner maintenance visit will ensure that your family is safe, your investment is secure against major failure risks, and that your summer can proceed in a trouble-free manner.

Another good reason to schedule an annual maintenance check in the spring is that this is typically not a busy time for HVAC contractors, which allows you to get the job done on a convenient date and to pay the more affordable offseason rates. Staying cool always starts with being smart.

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