Our Summer Updates and Some Artworks

Summer break has finally started for us. After completing our school year requirements last week, my kids and I are just enjoying what’s left of the hot summer days.

My son has been playing all day long, either  with his basketball or football  or toys, while spending some time doing his online Bible with Veritas Bible. He continually goes to his football training with Kaya FC Academy.

We have decided to let my daughter take a break from her ballet classes this summer. Aside from finishing her history lessons with Veritas Press Self-paced History , she has been working with her crochet and her paintbrushes. So far, here are her creations…


This is her first Acrylic painting.


And her succeeding works.


This is her first crochet creation.


Since she is quite good with Rainbow Loom, she didn’t have a hard time learning crochet. She watches videos from YouTube and learns them on her own.

Our summer break didn’t go as planned. I originally wanted my daughter to attend ballet classes ad painting classes but due to schedule and financial reasons, we weren’t able to do so. But praise God, she is still able to work on her skills and develop her talent.

As for me, I have been decluttering the house. I started with our study room. I have sold old books which we no longer need, gave books to others, looked through my post card collections, sorted books on our shelves and portfolio works of the kids.

I will also look through more cabinets. I hope to clean up more parts of the house and eventually have the house repainted before school starts again.

I also have more time to read books and blogs which inspire me for our upcoming school year. Praying for direction and the changes we need to implement as we move our next school year to September.There is ample time to evaluate our curriculum choices and schedules.

I also have some time to write on my blog and think about where I want to go with The Mommy Journey.


I just love that summer break is finally here. We all need to recharge, regroup and refocus. Thank God for this time.



  1. What a productive summer for you! Kyla is very artistically talented. God has surely blessed her hands. What paper did she use for her acrylic paintings?

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