It’s All About Changes

This year, it’s all about changes.

After 5 years with Bluehost, I have decided to move to another blog host provider. In a few months, I also hope to change my blog theme since I don’t think the logo is reflective of┬ámy current season as a mom anymore.

Motherhood has changed as well as my daughter has now entered pre-teens and is experiencing physical changes as well. She has also become more independent and I need to be able to balance being a protective mother to one that allows her to experience some independence.

We are also now enrolling my daughter in another ballet school and it does require some changes and adjustments in our schedules.

We are also opting to change our school year calendar, we will begin in September and hopefully end before June next school year.

My husband’s direction in life is undergoing changes as well.

All these changes are happening simultaneously and I feel that God wants me to grow out of these process. Sometimes I feel lost and unsure, but I need to listen and realize what God is telling me and learn from it.

I am not fond of changes — but I am grateful that through these changes, I can see how constant and faithful God is to me.

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