Music Lessons at Home

I am not good with musical instruments. In fact, all I know about music is music theory! I didn’t know how I was supposed to teach my children music lessons but it turns out, as I  taught my daughter about music theory, she picked up the lessons and started learning to play the keyboard on her own.

For my son, I did the same technique but it didn’t had the same effect on him. After teaching him the music theory, he didn’t proceed to learning the keyboard instead, he became more interested in guitars, like the yamaha cgs102a guitar. We have one at home but it was still too big for him so we bought him a small one. We tried to learn it together but without a guide I just didn’t know how to help him.

Now, he has a Ukulele and has been learning to play the chords. The Ukulele comes with a how-to so it’s been teaching him. Hopefully, this time we would have success with the Ukulele.

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