Telltale AC Breakdown Signals


It seems inevitable that your air conditioner will break down when it’s 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside. However, there might have been specific signals before this hot day telling you the system required service. When you discuss your concerns with AC repair Tampa FL, these professionals can guide you through basic troubleshooting practices to discover those telltale breakdown signals.

Hot Air Exiting Vents

Although it may take a few seconds to cool initially, your air conditioner’s vent air should always be cold to the touch. If you place your hand in front of a vent and only hot air is felt, turn off your system. There could be several issues creating the malfunction. Professionals might find a bad thermostat, low refrigerant or other problem. They must troubleshoot both the indoor and outdoor units to verify one or more problems before repairs begin.

Outdoor Fan Failing to Rotate

The outdoor AC unit has a large fan that rotates to force air out of the system. Exiting air is hot, allowing the indoors to benefit from cool, incoming breezes. When you notice the outdoor fan isn’t activating at all, fan bearings, power input or the motor could be spent. Professionals look at the fan mechanics and electrical aspect to repair this system component. Keep all hands out of the AC unit if the fan is intermittently working, however. It can activate at any time, possibly injuring nearby people.

Leaking Indoor Unit

Your indoor AC unit usually has some condensate dripping from the evaporator, traveling into pipes and into a drain area. However, excessive moisture leaking from this area isn’t normal. You might have a clogged drain or the evaporator is malfunctioning. Experts need to check all system components to find the problem. There should never be any water dripping out of your indoor unit and damaging nearby drywall or wood. Most normal condensation typically drains or evaporates naturally.

Always contact a reputable air conditioner professional for either preventive maintenance or emergency repairs. Experts will handle your system properly and execute repairs under precise specifications. Questionable contractors could make your system worse or fail altogether.

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