Child Friendly Windows: The Big Advancements over Recent Years

Child Friendly Windows

Ask any new parent what the most crucial element of their nursery is and the window treatment will most probably come at the top of the list. This is something which can buy hours of sleep every week and we don’t need to reiterate that every new parent in the land will snap your hand off for this added shut-eye.

However, child friendly window treatments have certainly come a long way since the early days of curtains. Now, very few parents would consider such an approach, with blinds now at the forefront of most minds due to their exceptional versatility.

Let’s take a look at one of the earliest “advancements”; the blackout blind. Even though it might be one of the early product types in the industry (and subsequently one of the cheapest), this is still something that most parents absolutely swear by and would not consider anything different. The fact that they can shun out all natural light does wonders for sleep schedules – for mom, dad and baby.

While blackout blinds solved a lot of problems, there has been one issue clouding over the blinds industry for years – safety. Due to the way in which blinds are put together, the cords present an obvious safety concern and have unfortunately been at the center of several tragedies. Manufacturers have been forced to take a stand and now, rather than relying on a set of cords, blinds are now arriving in cordless fashion. It means that all of the safety concerns that have blighted the industry have almost been eradicated – although let’s not forget that corded designs are still legal and completely safe if installed and maintained accordingly.

Next on the list is the actual material that nursery blinds are constructed from. Again, this is a terrific advancement for parents, who no longer have to squirm every time their little one wanders near the window with a pot of paint in their hand. Materials such as PVC and vinyl have hit the nursery market with a storm, for the simple reason that they eradicate all of that maintenance that used to be associated with the average child’s nursery.

Another advancement that many would consider ingenious for toddlers are the number of designs that are now available. This should probably be something that’s completely expected, but the days of solid red, blue or pink blinds are long gone. Parents now have access to all of the stereotypical nursery characters, along with cartoon characters and everything else that makes little ones style. Suddenly, nursery blinds are a piece of stimulation.

One might question why the advancements of such a basic product are even newsworthy. Again, we’ll reiterate the importance of blinds to new parents, and just how they contribute to a good night’s sleep. The fact that they also happen to now be completely safe, durable and can prompt stimulation highlights how far they have come, and just how crucial they are in completing your little one’s nursery.

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