Let’s Help Alpabasa Win 1M Grant from Pharmaton Life Changers Campaign

I believe that literacy is one of the keys for the Philippines to improve as a nation. I truly admire Ms. Tisha Gonzales-Cruz’s literacy advocacy project Kinder Project, which aims to help Filipino teachers in teaching children how to read. I also have blogged about Learning Lion’s Filipino Learning set many years back.

Now, it is our turn to help Alpabasa, as it is one of the top 10 causes vying to win the 1M grant from Pharmaton Life Changers campaign.  They help teachers teach with enthusiasm and excitement since it is a  game-based reading program that incorporates music, movement, games and activities in learning. Their goal is to make fluent readers out of every Filipino child.

Let us help them win this funding by viewing this video and clicking the LIKE (http://youtu.be/Rko2RVvNHkg) on the YOU TUBE VIDEO. The funding they will win will help change lives and help our country and the next generation to progress forward!



  1. they have a great cause. saw the vid and also liked it as well. 🙂 support!

  2. Thanks for sharing this very worthy cause. Hope they do get the grant!

  3. just liked said video! 🙂 I hope that Alpabasa wins cause I know that their advocacy is pretty amazing. 🙂 Here’s to a better learning experience for or kids! Cheers :3

  4. Got it! I’m a supporter of anything that benefits children, especially Filipino children, so I hope this advocacy wins!

  5. Kudos to them for working on such a great and selfless cause.

  6. Goodluck to them, I hope they win. I already click the LIKE thumbs up button 🙂

  7. Hope they win 🙂

  8. I hope they win! I believe we will be a better nation if majority of our population can read.

  9. A very worthwhile program that should be supported. Here’s hoping it gets the grant.

  10. I hope this reading advocacy succeeds. We love to read and support this cause.

  11. Great cause. I hope they win. Liked their you-tube video 🙂

  12. Nice advocacy ito ah! We should all support this one!


  13. Hoping that Alphabasa will win and get the grant 🙂 We need more advocacies like this.

  14. Praying for them to win this as this is a great initiative! Their advocacy will truly change the world!

  15. I love this kind of cause. Any cause that helps kids, education, health, and security. I am all for it! Good luck teachers!!! I wish they will win. Will share this! 🙂

  16. Learning is fun for kids if it involves games and music. I hope Alpabasa wins this grant to help improve more lives.

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