Some of the Activities Your Child will Enjoy the Most at Day Camps Rockland County

ID-100196347If you decide to send your child to day camp, you are guaranteed that they are going to have a great time, while being exposed to education at the same time. When it comes to day camps Rockland County has a number of different camps to choose from, but all of them offer a range of activities for a child to enjoy and to learn from at the same time.

Day camps are often organized in such a way that they resemble the popular summer camps, but without the need to send their child there for several weeks at a time. Additionally, they are often found in more convenient locations, allowing parents to drop their children off before they go to work and pick them back up at the end of the day.

Different Types of Day Camps

There are many different types of day camps to choose from. Indeed, your choices will be pretty much the same as if you had been searching for a full summer camp. However, on top of that, there are special interest day camps. For instance, some focus specifically on math or science. Other camps focus more on physical activities, allowing kids to learn about team work. Others still have an environmental focus, teaching children how to protect and preserve the planet. All of them, however, are about having a support network, working together and overcoming challenges.

Camper Groups

You may also enrol your child into what is known as a ‘camper group’. These groups usually include one counsellor and no more than four children. Research has shown that this method of working greatly benefits young children in terms of developing both self-confidence and team working skills. Naturally, a good day camp will ensure that the activities on offer are suitable for the age of the children in each of the group. Also, while there may be some age difference between the four children in one camper group, it is rare for this to be more than one year. This way, all children are able to learn to their own ability. Most importantly, however, it means all children are able to enjoy their experience at camp.

Day camps are a fantastic opportunity for parents to ensure their children get all the benefits of being at camp, without having to deal with being separated from their families for a long period of time. Day camp is not an alternative to child care. While these camps run when school holidays are generally on, and while they may be convenient for parents, day camps are really all about the development of the child on a psychological, emotional and physical level. It is for this reason that many parents who do not have child care requirements still send their children to these camps when they can.

If you are considering sending your child, make sure you have some conversations about exactly what the camp offers and how that benefits your child in particular.

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