The Definitive List of “Don’ts” For Blinds and Nurseries

Blinds and Nurseries

Blinds and nurseries have grabbed a lot of attention over the last few years and unfortunately it’s been for a lot of the wrong reasons. Safety concerns have blighted the industry although over recent times, manufacturers have improved their act and made their products much safer.

As well as safety, it’s worth mentioning that blinds are responsible for a whole host of other important issues for parents. They directly affect both light and noise, meaning that the right set can provide you with an extra few hours of sleep every week. Bearing this in mind, it would be fair to say that the decision making process when choosing a blind is all-important. We’ll now take a look at some of those decisions that you should definitely sway against in a bid to stop you making any window-related mistakes.

Firstly, let’s get the type of blind down to a tee. While wood Venetian blinds might look the part, to your little one they are an absolute no-go product. They don’t have any blackout capabilities whatsoever and for this reason they should be avoided like the plague. Instead, anything like a roller or roman blind which has a blackout lining will work like a treat and block out that light that will inevitably disrupt your little one’s sleeping pattern.

If you are actually re-furnishing your room for a toddler, the requirements change somewhat. It’s here where blackout blinds aren’t quite as important, but the fabric that’s used to construct your blinds most certainly is. As any parent to a toddler will testify, this is a messy age. All sorts of spills will be occurring and it’s in these instants where you don’t want a roman blind getting in the way of things. Instead, you need something durable, with PVC or vinyl being prime candidates.

Next, we’re onto safety. Cord cleats arrive in packaging for a reason – don’t be one of those people who leaves them in the box to install “another day”. Despite their basic appearance, they are a crucial safety advice and are absolutely necessary in a nursery environment. There are plenty of online guides for help with installing blinds.

We’ll stay on the subject of safety with this next “don’t”. One of the most exciting things for any new parent is to furnish the nursery – buying cots, changing units and all of the other features that go hand-in-hand with a newborn’s room. It’s at this point where a bit of strategic thinking needs to enter the picture though, specifically related around the windows. Making sure that furniture isn’t crowded around these windows is absolutely paramount from a safety perspective, as otherwise you are just creating a climbing frame for your little one to eventually experiment with. Considering all of the dangling cords that will be up there (regardless if they are wrapped around a cleat), this is something you should avoid.

In theory, the list of “don’ts” for blinds and nurseries could go on indefinitely. However, we’ve covered some of the top issues here and if you can stick to this, you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect nursery for your little one.

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