On White Strands and Gray Hair

A few weeks ago, I have noticed a few strands of white hair. I was contemplating on removing them but eventually I didn’t. It didn’t really bother me that I have white strands but what it represented filled my thoughts.

White strands confirmed that I was indeed getting old. I wasn’t the young mom that I have been used to. My children are no longer small. Half of my life has probably been lived.

How do I want to continue on as I age? Are there goals that I still want to achieve? What legacy do I want to leave behind?

Contemplating on these questions – I want to continue focusing on what Christ has tasked me to do which is to become more like Him and to make disciples. Here are some goals which I have listed as we started this school year.



I pray that may I be  a good steward with the gift of life that God has blessed me with. May the Lord help me to number my days right that I may gain a heart of wisdom.

So that when the gray hair become more noticeable, I can claim what the scripture says from Proverbs 20:29 “The glory of the young is their strength; the gray hair of experience is the splendor of the old.”

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