Sharing Your Blessings

Early this year, we decided to sponsor a child through World Vision. We wanted to give back the blessings we receive and hopefully make a difference in someone’s life. This is a family decision and we wanted to involve our children in this endeavor too. Each month, we also ask them to set aside some of their money so we can pool together our money and invest it on someone else’s life.¬†It has been more than 6 months now but I am really glad that we decided to do this. It is my prayer that the children will grow up sharing what they have with others and not be greedy.

Monthly, I also ask them to look through their book shelf and choose books which they can give to other people. We constantly buy them books so sorting and choosing which ones are staying and which ones can be given to others already is something that I want them to learn. Hopefully, they will grow up not holding unto their possessions too tightly.

How about you, how do you teach your children to share their blessings?

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