Teaching Kids How To Read


Reading is an essntial skill that many children don’t learn how to do until they get to school. From kindergarten to high school, there are reading materials for kids that you can use if you are a teacher in order to help get the most out of a reading class.

First, find out the reading levels of the students in the classroom. Some might be advanced in reading while others aren’t sure of the letters of the alphabet. Divide the children into groups so that each group has students who are on the same level. This can help when teaching so that you aren’t making one student feel bad about not being able to read or keeping one student back who might need to read something that’s on a higher level.

Flash cards are an idea for students who need to learn basic words. They can also be used to teach rhyming words, letters and how to make sentences. Worksheets are good to have for students when they arrive in the morning or as activities to supplement lessons that are being taught. Worksheets and cards are often made by grade level so that higher grades are not seeing something that a student in elementary school would have seen. If you have several children in one group, workbooks might be an option. Children can read stories in the book and answer questions that follow. This is an easy way to keep everyone doing the same thing as students can read the stories out loud to try to get more details from what is being read.

Technology can also help when teaching students how to read. Websites have videos that students can watch to help them see words and hear them pronounced. Some sites for younger children have cartoon characters, making the sites friendly for students. If the sites have fun characters, then students might be more likely to learn the skills needed to read. Board games are an option as well. These can be used as an activity for children who have completed reading levels or who have finished daily work in class.

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