The Green Way to Battle Bed Bugs


Bed bugs! Just the name of them strikes fear in the hearts of homeowners, in part because they are so notoriously hard to get rid of. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of them, but this too can be a cause of concern for environmental reasons. No one wants to use techniques to fight bed bugs that cause problems with toxins and unintentional side effects on people and pets. Here are some tips on conducting a green assault on bed bugs.

Don’t Relocate

The natural thing you want to do when you discover bugs in your bedroom is to relocate to another room in your house. However, relocating is the number one-way bed bugs move from one room to another. Don’t inadvertently increase the problem by bringing the bugs into other rooms.

Clean Around the Bed

Bed bugs love clutter, so clean all around your bed and especially underneath it. The goal is to contain the infestation to the bed itself, so don’t provide a lot of messy areas for the bed bugs to hide in.

Wash and Dry Your Bed Sheets

Wash all the bedding on a virtually daily basis the entire time you suffer from a bed bug infestation. Then put them in your dryer for at least an hour. A common clothes dryer reaches temperatures high enough to kill bed bugs at all stages of their life cycle. You can also kill them with cold by placing articles you suspect of being infested with bed bugs outside if you live in an area where the temperature is below freezing overnight.

Isolate the Bed

You definitely don’t want more bugs climbing onto your bed, so make it difficult for them to do so. Pull your bed away from the wall so that there is at least a few inch gap. To protect yourself from bugs on the floor, place a small container of water under each post of the bed so that any bugs that try to climb the bedposts will be drowned.

Choose Products Carefully

Now that you’ve employed all these green techniques against your bug infestation, it’s time to purchase one of the low toxicity anti-bedbug products on the market. There are products such as Ecoraider, which are noted for their environmentally friendly ingredients, so look online. By using the anti-bedbug techniques just described, you can successfully wage a green war against these pests.

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