Understanding Psoriasis

4453-13248-31012-31367Why Doesn’t Psoriasis Treatment Work In Some Cases?

There are various things that need to be understood about psoriasis and the one fact that is usually not taken into account is that various treatments will not work. Psoriasis will not be caused by external irritants or allergies. We are talking about a disease that will affect your skin even if it is not really a skin disorder. Symptoms associated with the condition include social isolation, discomfort and pain.

Psoriasis Causes

In order to understand why treatment does not often work, we should first understand the causes associated with the condition. The really common cause is believed to be a malfunction of the immune system. It is basically triggered by mistake and there is an increase in the number of white blood cells produced. That causes inflammation. Prolonged stress can cause flare ups and there are doctors that think psoriasis can be transmitted from one generation to the next. Based on Cedarsderm.co.uk assessments, medications can also lead to flare ups.

Finding Treatment For Psoriasis

There are various treatments that are available at the moment but they only provide temporary relief, treating this condition from the outside. Most doctors will use topically applied cortisone creams and then will recommend coal tar ointment, calamine lotions and anthralin lotions.

The safest solution that is available is calamine lotions. It stops itching for some time. You can use coal oar ointments but skin irritation can be caused by it. When you use cortisone cream, skin thinning can appear with prolonged use.

Skin moisturizers can bring in relief but you have to be sure that natural moisturizers would be utilized. Never use one that is mineral oil because psoriasis can be worsened. Patients can even try UVA or sunlight exposure as a relatively new treatment option that can be taken into account. However, in this case we can have skin wrinkled prematurely and even skin cancer as a side effect.

Internal treatments are available like cyclosporine and methotrxate. The problem with Methotrexate is that it is possible it would lead towards hair loss, headaches, miscarriage or a decreased infection resistance. Cyclosporine’s side effects include nausea, acne stomach pain and insomnia.

Safe Psoriasis Treatments

Because the disease is caused by an immune system problem, it is obvious that doctors try to treat your immune system. Homeopathic treatments can help you build skin faster, which is definitely great. Increasing water intake is definitely a simple remedy that can be considered and diet modifications are also interesting.

The main reason why treatment solutions do not work well is that there is a necessity to have them coming from within. Since not much is known about the disease, cause and evolution, it is possible that one solution works for one person while another solution will not be effective for another person.

Unfortunately, the only thing that you can do is keep trying different treatment options. Some will work while others are not going to be effective. You have to talk with a doctor that has a lot of experience in order to figure out what treatment is the best for you.


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