Exquisite Elegance in a Small Space


A small area invites elegance. Using five basic items, you can transform a small area into an exquisitely attractive space that can enhance the overall appearance and atmosphere of the room. You can use the following ideas in a foyer, a living room, dining room, bedroom or bathroom.


You can begin transforming a small, mundane area of a room into an elegant space by placing a small, table in that area. Balance and unity are key factors when designing a small area. It’s essential that you select a table in a size and style that doesn’t over-power the space.

Whether you’re creating an elegant retreat to be used as a vanity area, reading nook or entryway focal point, an attractive chair should be included in your design plan. Grace and elegance go hand-in-hand. Therefore, a chair design that features graceful curves or intricate detailing would be a nice choice. Luxurious fabric is perfeect for an area where elegance is the intended goal.


A sparkling chandelier epitomizes elegance. If you can add a small one to the space you are decorating, you will immediately enhance the atmosphere of that area. If overhead lighting is not an option for that specific space, you can incorporate an intricately detailed table lamp into the design.

Wall art

Fine prints that feature simplistically elegant designs can be the perfect type of wall art for a small space. A collection of prints that showcase nature themes such as ferns flowers, shells or birds would be a good focal point in a small vanity area, foyer or living room. Prints that depict historical scenes, architectural design or animals would be a nice addition to a reading area. As an alternative to a collection of framed wall art, you could simply use one large print as a focal point.


A small space can quickly go from beautiful to cluttered if you don’t limit the accessories you include in that area. To maintain unity, choose accessories that connect in color or style to the other elements in that space.

No small space should go unused in your home. Use that area as an opportunity to create a luxurious personal retreat. Your elegantly designed small space will continually invite you to enter that area, stay a while and enjoy the uplifting and inspiring atmosphere that it has to offer.

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