From Guitar to Ukulele

There are days that I want to enroll my son in a music school or train under a music teacher. But every time I ask him, he doesn’t want to.

Anyway, we went ahead and bought him his own guitar. It wasn’t an ibanez guitar but it was a small nylon guitar which fit him perfectly. That was 2 years ago. He hardly touched that guitar and since I don’t know how to play it, I wasn’t able to teach him much. We tried watching YouTube videos, but he just didn’t had enough interest to go on.

A few months back, we saw ukulele and asked him if he was interested to learn it. He was excited to play the ukulele. Good thing that the ukulele came with a CD and he has been learning to play chords for the past months now. Hopefully, his interest will continue on and that he will learn all the chords so he can play songs.

Every end of the month, I ask him to play a concert for us and so far, he has been enjoying it.


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