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Before settling in our house, my husband and I were just renting an apartment for 2 years. Then when I got pregnant with our first baby, we had to move in with my parents because I had a difficult first trimester. We moved all our furniture and appliances to my in-laws house while we stayed temporarily with my parents until I gave birth. When our baby was born, we moved in with my in-laws but most of our things were just kept in storage since we intended to transfer to our own house eventually. After a year, God has blessed us with our own house.

Moving is never an easy task. After unpacking, I found out that we lost some items and couldn’t use some furniture because screws were missing. Some items also got broken during the move and we had to buy new ones again. I have learned some important lessons about moving and I want to share them with you.


It is important to hire trusted people like theĀ removalists Sydney North Shore to help you during the big move. Hire professionals who know how to handle and pack fragile items during the move.

Don’t be afraid to ask help from others. Moving is a big deal, especially when you have young children. Safety is important and don’t compromise health.

Clear your calendar. Don’t schedule anything else near your moving date since last minute packing and delivery delays are unpredictable.


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