HELE Crochect Projects


These are my 11 year old daughter’s crochet projects. As part of her HELE or Home Economics and Livelihood Education subject requirements, she created some stuff toys using crochet hook and acrylic yarn. She just started to watch some YouTube videos and followed the steps and voila! What wonderful creations! Having mastered Rainbow Loom creations the previous year, she didn’t have a hard time transitioning to doing crochet.

Now, she wants to learn to create beanie using crochet. It is a cap made from cloth. Currently, she is studying what are the differences between the different yarns and threads like  kreinik threads. She needs to find a yarn that isn’t too fluffy or too thick. The one she has been using is quite thick so she needs to find  a new one for the hat project.

Doing HELE projects teach the children to become more creative, resourceful and to work with their hands. It allows them to discover talents and gifts in creating something out of nothing. Eventually, they will be able to find something that they are passionate about and may guide them in deciding what courses they want to take in college or what business they want to start.

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