It’s Not about You, Mr. Pumpkin Book Review

Through the years, we’ve seen an increase of children participating in Halloween parties and wearing costumes on the eve of October 31. But just what are we really celebrating during Halloween?


It’s Not About You, Mr. Pumpkin by Soraya Coffelt explains the origins of Halloween through a wonderfully illustrated picture book for kids ages 4-10. I personally don’t have any clue how Halloween started and after reading this book with my children, I was glad to finally know the history of this celebration. The involvement of witches, bats, scarecrow, pumpkins and” trick or treat” was also clearly explained.┬áMy children ages 8 and 11 enjoyed and understood the story without any further explanation from me.

This is a good resource book for Christian families who want to educate their young children without scaring them.


This book is available in Kindle, hardcover and paperback versions.

All proceeds from this book are going to the As the Stars of the Sky Foundation Inc. as established by the author Soraya Coffelt to help children in the United States and around the world to have strong childhood education

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