Essentials Of Cake Decorating

Whether you’re a home baker or work in a store, there are items that you will need in order to make cakes and other desserts for customers. You can also find cake decorating supplies in Michigan that can be used to create delicious desserts for your family and friends.


The first items that you want to get are pans. You can use basic shapes, such as the square and circle, but you might have to do a little cutting after the cake is baked if you want a unique design. There are cake pans that you can purchase that are in various shapes depending on the kinds of cakes that you want to bake. You can find Disney characters, animal shapes and shapes of cars and trucks. There is a little bit of everything, and you can always bake a small cake in a basic shape to complete the look if needed.

Once you have the items that you need for baking the cakes, it’s time to begin decorating them. A turntable is an ideal piece that will make it easier to ice and decorate cakes of almost any size. The cake is placed on the table, and you can turn the table as you are frosting so that you don’t have to worry about turning the cake on a counter. The table is also raised off the counter to make it easier to see what you are adding to the cake.

Decorating bags of all sizes can hold the icing that you use. Make sure you have a tip that is needed for the designs on the cake so that you can easily go back and forth between colors if needed. There are various tips that you can purchase. They include flowers, petals, spirals and other designs to make it easier to add the intricate details to cakes of all sizes. You can add small pearls of all colors to cakes as well as other tiny decorations that give just the right look to your creation. Fondant is a cake supply that is easy to work with if you want a smooth look instead of icing a cake.

Image source from Serge Bertasius Photography of FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

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