Family Vacation in Taiwan

Last week, we had a family vacation with my mom, sis and bro. We went to Taiwan and we had an amazing trip! This is our 2nd trip as a group to go outside of the country and it was fun to spend some time together. I love going on trips with them because it allows us to bond and share intentional time together. My kids also get to make special memories with them too!


IMG_6018 IMG_6021

It was a different experience for my family as it was their first time to travel to a place where English isn’t the main language spoken. I know Mandarin but it has been 21 years ago since I last went to Taiwan and practiced my Mandarin skills, so I was rusty!

Food was great and the price of food and stuff is affordable too. The weather was cooler than Manila too. Best of all, we saw the colors of Autumn leaves! As for the infrastructure, Taiwan definitely improved over the last 20 years with skyways, MRT, Hi-Speed trains and more English words in public areas.




The culture hasn’t changed much. People are still friendly, courteous and disciplined. Everyone steps in line after exiting the MRT no matter how long the line is. Even during a mall wide sale, people were everywhere yet, they were still courteous towards one another. Senior citizens have special seats and privileges as well.

Here are some of my favorite views!

IMG_5649 copy

IMG_5737 copy

Thankful that our trip was hassle free, aside from the fact that we had to be in the airport 6 hours before our flight to ensure that we won’t be late because of the road closures due to APEC meeting in the country.

I am grateful to God for this trip and for blessing us with an unforgettable experience as a family.


  1. Mare we would liek to visit Taiwan someday too. Saan saan maganda mamasyal diyan?

    • Hi marce Jade, it is good to visit Qing Jing Farm and Sun Moon Lake…Alishan is also good. There are some places at Ping Tung also. There are many nice places to visit malaga in Taiwan. Ok din yung Taipei Zoo. Many animals for a cheap price! 🙂

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