Life and Legacy

For the past month, I have joined a growth group (Bible study) where we have been studying about Life and Legacy by Edmund Chan.  Life and Legacy is a 12 week workbook devotional that challenges you to think and re-think your life and legacy.


We’ve discussed about one’s journey towards spiritual maturity and how we might have been deceiving ourselves with pseudo-discipleship. It was an eye opener because being a Christian for a number of years, this can really be dangerous and detrimental to my spiritual growth. It was important to be reminded that everything we are doing can never earn us any favor with God but that we should be doing everything because it is but a response to the love that we have received from God. The critical change should happen in our hearts — and that can only come from having been with Jesus.

We have also touched on the hunger for purpose and meaning in our lives. Without God, everything is meaningless. Because everything in this world is but temporal so we should find our purpose and meaning only through God, for He alone is eternal. Everything makes sense when we look at them through the lenses of eternity.It was clear to me : My soul can only find satisfaction when I am in the presence of God.

I am humbled and excited to know Christ more every day… and it is my prayer that may I live a life and legacy- all for the glory of God.


  1. Paulyn Davis says

    hi po sis where were you able to buy the book po?

    • Hello! I bought it from Singapore IDMC Conference 🙂 But I think you can get it from Navigators here in the Philippines

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