Raising a Family Is Hard Work

We want to develop a family that is close-knit, a family that loves unconditionally and a family that loves the Lord above all, but a family like that doesn’t happen naturally. Sad to say, this doesn’t happen overnight as well. It takes years and years of character building and making home a place where everyone can bloom and fail. It is a place where we can all practice the fruit of the Spirit towards one another.

As parents, our children need to see how Jesus is at the very foundation of everything that we are and we aspire to be. It is because Jesus loves us that we can love Him back. It is because of Him that we can strive to be the kind of family that will be a blessing to one another and to our community.

We must not grow tired of investing time and memories with our children, especially as they grow up. For these years will be the foundation of the life that they are building. We need to instruct, correct, encourage, praise and communicate with our children intentionally.

We must also be authentic in our own walk with Christ. Let us admit our mistakes, ask for forgiveness, draw strength from the Lord for our weaknesses and surrender our lives to Him.

There are no short-cuts. Raising a family is hard work but this is what needs to be done, all for the glory of God.

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