Grateful for 2015

2015 is about to end… and one of my yearly activities is to look back at the year that has been and be mindful of how my life went. I always want to be intentional with life and reflecting on 2015 helps me see if I was able to achieve my goals.

I am thankful that…
I was able to read the Bible more consistently and journal all year long.
I was able to attend growth group meetings at GCF Nuvali.
I was able to join fellowship dinners with GCF Santa Rosa friends.
I was able to read inspirational books.
I was able to attend Multiplying Authentic Disciples by Rev. Edmund Chan.
I was able to regularly stay in touch with my close friends through email.
I was able to meet a new homeschooling family in the vicinity.
I was able to lead my children in daily prayer for the nations.
We started our studies usually by 830am at the first half of the year.
The children are more mature and disciplined when it comes to their studies and their activities.
Both children loves to read and read.
The children got along better this year.
We were able to take a family trip to Dumaguete and Taiwan.
I am more aware of God’s presence in our family and in all that we do and experience.

I would like to improve on…
Being prepared for homeschool by having lesson plans for the children.
Meeting with my discipleship group more consistently.
Prayer and meditation of the Word of God.
Writing better blog posts about life, family and homeschooling.
Reading more books.
Giving sacrificially.
Growing in my personal relationships.

Indeed, God has been so faithful all year through. We faced challenges but God has always been with us and revealed himself through every situation. At the end of the year, and my one word is GRATEFUL.

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