Hopes and Dreams for Our Children

As parents, we all have hopes and dreams for our children. We want them to become successful in their life and be happy with whatever paths they have chosen.

When they are young, we hope that they would do well in school and get good grades.

When they are in the teenage years, we hope that they would find good friends and stay out of trouble.

When they are in college, we hope that they would excel in their chosen course.

When they are working, we hope that they would find a good paying job or start a business of their own and prosper.

When they in the marrying age, we hope that they would find their perfect life partner.

When they become parents, we hope that they would be good parents to their own children.


It is inherent in parents to want the best the world has to offer for our children, but I realized that as Christian parents, we must aspire for them to become who God has set them out to be. We need to have a shift in our own perspective.

While they are young, teach them the Word of God so that when they are old, they will know the way they should go.

While they are in the teenage years, help them to find their identity in Christ and not conform to the patterns of the world.

While they are in college, encourage them to excel in the field that God has put in their hearts.

While they are working, remind them God’s call for their lives and that they need to do their bestĀ for the glory of the Lord.

While they are in the marrying age, to find a partner who would help them grow closer to Christ and have the same value system as they do.


It is a reminder to us parents, that if we want our children to pursue what matters in eternity, we should start talking to our children about these things while they are young. It doesn’t come automatically so as parents, we are to intentionally guide our children’s worldview. And then, we need to entrust our hopes and dreams for our childrenĀ to the great God who is sovereign in our lives.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

3 John 1:4



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