Multiplying Authentic Disciples

A few weeks back, I attended a conference in GCF South Metro. It was IDMC 201: Multiplying Authentic Disciples, Leading, Discipling and Walking with God.


The speakers were Rev Edmund Chan and his wife , Ann Chan. I have read a number of their books and I really have been blessed by them. But this was my first time to hear them speak in person. It was a one and a half day conference and I went expectant and came home full of encouragement, love and inspiration.


Here are 8 of my take home lessons from the conference:

The chief duty of man is not to find its freedom but its master.

You see what your heart focuses on.

We don’t need to be nice but we must learn to be kind.

The X factor in discipleship training is your life investment.

God can use my brokeness in reaching out to others.

In making authentic disciples, I need to be one myself.

At the end, it is not about me but all about the grace of God.

What mattters take time.

Attending the conference was just what I needed as the year is coming to a close and a new one set to begin. I don’t really know what to expect in the coming new year as we face changes once again, but I am confident that God is with us and we just need to put our focus on Him.


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