Gratitude and Goals

For the past 3 years now, our family has been doing a family tradition that I hope will continue on as the kids grow up. Just before the year ends, we all sit together and discuss the year that has been. We open our blessings jar, then we look back and list down all that we are thankful for… and then we look ahead and list down all that we hope to accomplish in the coming year.¬†The list doesn’t just contain material blessings but spiritual and whole being¬†blessings as well. It is a collection of the memories and the blessings that God has done in our lives.



Through this family tradition, we remember God’s graciousness in our lives and how faithful He has been to us all year through. It also cultivates gratitude in our hearts and to be thankful for every little blessing.

And as we look forward to the coming year, the list is a reminder of all that we want to be and helps us to channel our focus and time on what matters most to us. It helps us to be more intentional in our daily activities.

Do you have a family tradition that you do every year too? Share it with us and leave a comment.


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