Santa Rosa City Hall Field Trip

As part of my 6th grader’s social studies lessons, we visited our City Hall in Santa Rosa Laguna.


What we saw was a very modernized City Hall. We liked our City Hall because it was clean and orderly. We didn’t see people loitering and the place itself gave a positive representation of the city.

We were privileged to have been able to tour the entire City Hall via a friend who works there. We were also able to visit the City Mayor, Mayor Arlene Arcillas. My daughter gave her some questions for her research report and we are awaiting for her reply to the questions.

Here are some of the offices we were able to visit.




We were also able to take a peek at the newest auditorium of the City!


The City Hall is the nearest executive branch of the government you and your child can visit. Go and check your local city hall now!

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