From Restlessness to Restedness

What a busy 1st quarter I had! From the start of a new part-time job in tutoring kids to becoming part of several growth groups to joining TMA Homeschool as a Family Advisor, it seems that this year truly is all about growth and opportunities.

It has been really busy and sometimes, I do feel guilty that I have not been able to give our homeschooling enough time and focus. I’m just grateful to see that my 6th grade daughter has become more independent through it all and has been studying on her own without me. I guess, this is the season where she is learning to be independent and I have to let go, so she will learn to do things on her own. If not for the opportunities that God has given me, she wouldn’t have tried to be independent and I wouldn’t have let go of controlling her time and how she does her studies.

Early on, I have been restless with our schedules and all that we need to do. But thankfully, God has worked in my heart and taught me to rest in Him. It has been a season of learning to trust in God. Knowing that His purposes will be fulfilled as I choose to let go and let Him guide me in everything that He brings in my life.

I’ve also seen the truth that our life has different seasons. Just as the climate has 4 seasons, our life also has different seasons for different purposes. We can never stay the same otherwise we wouldn’t grow. We just need to trust that God will be with us all through the different seasons and that He will fulfill His purposes in our lives. So whatever season of life we are in right now, let’s trust in the Lord and enjoy it. Let’s learn and grow from the current season that we are in for this is what the Lord wants us to do.

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