From Sydney to New Caledonia: Currency and Passport Facts


New Caledonia is definitely one of the must-see destinations that should be on any travellers list, and with a climate that is thoroughly pleasant throughout the year, you can choose to visit during the popular Australian winter period of April to November, or whenever it suits you.

There are a number of questions that often get asked by people planning to visit New Caledonia when it comes to currency and passport requirements, so here is a guide to the main information that you need to know.

Passport and visa requirements

The first thing to known is that a valid passport is required to travel to New Caledonia and there is a fairly extensive list of countries that are exempt from visa requirements for a stay that does not exceed a period of longer than three months.

Australian, American and New Zealand Nationals together with EU Nationals are amongst the list of citizens who can travel to New Caledonia without the need for a visa, provided they observe the time restriction imposed of three months, which is not normally an issue.

Many visitors arrive in New Caledonia having booked a cruising holiday with a branded cruise line such as Cunard, which offers adventures on the seas including this stunningly beautiful island as part of the itinerary.

Most cruise ships require their guests to carry a passport that is valid for a minimum of six moths beyond the date of the end of the cruise and you it should be noted that travel on cruise ships does not have the effect of revalidating an Australian or New Zealand re-entry visa.


The currency in use on New Caledonia is the CFP Franc, which is the French Pacific Franc. You should be aware of recent changes relating to the currency and one of these changes is that after having been pegged to the French Franc for many years, New Caledonia has now followed the French in pegging their rate to the Euro.

The start of 2014 heralded a time of change for the currency, and New Caledonia introduced new banknotes in January 2014. To allow for the crossover, the old notes will still be acceptable legal tender until September 2014 and you may well find that you receive these old notes during this period.

If you have any old New Caledonia banknotes in your possession at the end of your trip, you will have to make sure these are used up or exchanged before the September 2014 deadline.


You should be aware that current regulations do not require you to have any vaccinations in order to travel to New Caledonia, but as this is a tropical island and therefore enjoys a tropical climate, you would be well advised to consider protecting yourself against mosquito bites.

You will discover that the official language of New Caledonia is French but depending on where you are on the island, you may well hear one of the estimated thirty Melanesian dialects that are also spoken throughout the country.

If you have any other questions or concerns about your proposed visit to New Caledonia then your tour operator or representative should be able to provide you with the information you need.

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