How to Know When an Electrical Panel Upgrade is Necessary

One of the most important systems in your home is the electrical one. Electricity flows at high voltages across power lines and enters your home through several transition points. The incoming electricity is mainly controlled through your electrical panel. This control center distributes energy throughout your home for convenient, everyday use. You may wonder when it’s an appropriate time to upgrade your panel, however. Consider some of these situations when panel upgrades Jacksonville are required projects.

Flickering Lights

When you turn on multiple lights around the home, you should never see any flickering occurring. Flickering means that the electrical flow is unsteady within the household. Essentially, you’re overloading the circuits to the point of unbalance, but it’s not enough to trigger any circuit breakers. You may need a panel upgrade in these cases. The circuits need to be rearranged, so that the flickering stops for good.

Major Remodeling Project Considerations

The family might be adding on a new bathroom or bedroom suite to the home. This major remodeling or addition project definitely requires a new panel. In most cases, the original electrical panel is designed for the existing circuitry layout. When you add a room with extra outlets and power needs, you place strain on the other circuits. A qualified electrician should visit the home and add the new panel that’s designed to work with the new addition.

Tripped Breakers

One resident is running the vacuum cleaner while another person turns on the hair dryer. As a result of this combination, your panel trips one or more breakers. Although circuit breakers are designed to operate in this manner, they shouldn’t be a frequent occurrence. When you visit the electrical panel on a regular basis, it’s time to contemplate a new panel installation.

Fire Hazard and Energy Conservation Concerns

Some homes are so old that they still have fuses as their circuit controls. If you have a panel in this condition, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Old-fashioned fuse boxes are fire hazards, and they can’t handle today’s advanced electronics. Keep your family safe with a panel upgrade that will also improve your energy conservation over time.

Electrical voltage and current are highly dangerous so homeowners should turn to professionals for their upgrading needs. Ideally, contact a trusted contractor who has worked on your system before. In the end, you’ll have a safe household ran by an energy-efficient panel.

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