Balance, Sanitize and Shock: Keeping the Water in Your Hot Tub or Spa Clean and Pristine

While many hot tubs and home spas come complete with some cleaning technology, there will still be certain things that you need to do in order to keep them in pristine condition. Dirty water can lead to rashes and infections, which is why it’s important to keep on top of your cleaning. The below guide offers you practical advice on cleaning your hot tub, because even though your water may be crystal clear, it may still be harboring bugs and dirt.

Sanitizing Your Hot Tub 

Whether you’ve got an Intex 77in PureSpa installed in your home, or you have an inflatable hot tub in the garden, sanitizing the water is a must. This helps to kill any unwanted germs, which can grow at rapid rates in the warm water of your tub.

One of the most popular sanitizers is chlorine, which is a chemical that is widely used for cleaning swimming pools. Swimming pools often use trichlor but it is the other type of chlorine (dichlor) that you’ll want to use in your home spa or hot tub. The issue with trichlor is its corrosive nature, particularly when placed in warmer waters, which could damage the surface of your hot tub and affect the warranty it has come with.

By putting the right amount of chlorine in your home spa (always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines as amounts will vary depending on the water, usage etc.) this won’t just help to sanitize the water but will also help to prevent any side-effects from using the chlorine, such as smells, itches or rashes. Chlorine comes in a variety of forms, including granules and tablets, and is a must-have when cleaning your spa.

Other forms include using a shock method where you use an oxidizing agent to remove the impurities.

Cleaning Your Hot Tub

One of the easiest ways to thoroughly clean your hot tub or home spa is to empty all of the water out and replace it at regular intervals. This doesn’t just mean taking all of the water out, giving the sides a scrub and replacing the water but will also involve cleaning the filter.

Cleaning your hot tub filter will help to increase its efficiency, meaning the water is kept cleaner for longer, regardless of how much you use it. A lot of hot tub manufacturers will provide cleaning kits for the filters that help to add to its lifespan so you don’t have to replace it as frequently. Taking the time to clean your filter regularly will help to add at least a year onto its life, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

So, there are some great and simple ways to keep your hot tub clean, with most of them just requiring a little more time from you and not much expense. If you practice these techniques on a regular basis, you won’t just be keeping your water in pristine condition but you’ll also be adding the longevity of your tub too.

Michael Davey is a service technician for pools and hot tubs. He is often asked for basic care/maintenance tips and has started to write some articles to share his tips.

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