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Yay, it’s a boy! After hearing the good news about the gender, every parent starts to wonder about the nursery for baby. Initial few months of a baby is spent in your bedroom but one day, he has to move to his nursery.

You want the nursery to be amazing and out of the world and something that fulfills his every need. So how is it different to design the nursery for a baby boy? What are the elements that should be part of the nursery? What colors should you go for? The list of questions is pretty much unending. To be honest, it is a self-help department – nobody can help you with the decisions about the baby nursery.

The best advice you can get at this point is to go with your instinct and pick stuff that you feel your boy will enjoy. Having said that, we are throwing a few ideas into the mix, maybe you like them.

Here we go;

Make use of sunlight

As you know sunlight is important for newborns and babies and your boy will need it too.  So optimize the receipt of sunlight in the nursery. Also, it will be a nice idea to put the baby cot in line of sunlight so he can get his dose of warmth and Vitamin D. Although direct contact with sunlight isn’t recommended for the baby so make sure you have a filter between the sun and the boy.

The wall art – best way to express

Wall art is amazing and especially with the nursery, you are free to do anything on the wall you like. There are very few chances that your baby will question you about your choice.

The baby cot along with baby bedding

During his initial stay in the nursery, the cot will be the only area where your baby will live so it has to be good. In addition to focusing on the design and style of the cot, it is equally important to focus on the material too. You should get the most comfortable baby cot.

The story doesn’t end at the baby cot, there is baby bedding too. Instead of going to random places, simply visit and get the finest online baby bedding in Australia. The other recommended option to buy online baby bedding is

The tent on the floor

The tent on the floor will serve as the ideal playing area on the ground for you boy. Also, the design value that a tent on the floor can bring is intense. You should have a tent in your nursery.

The bookshelf with plenty of books

The idea behind bookshelf is simple. Do you want your boy to inculcate the habit of reading? If yes, then you have to capture his interest from the very beginning. And what can be the best way to catch a child’s attention by putting a bookshelf in his room forever and since the very first day.

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