Homeschool Help: DepEd Curriculum Guides

If you want to homeschool independently, meaning you don’t want to enroll in a homeschool provider, you can do so by purchasing your own curriculum or do a DIY curriculum by researching through the internet and creating what you think is best for your children.

As a guide, you can get curriculum guides from DepEd’s website. Curriculum Guides for K to 12 is readily available and is segregated by subjects.




  1. Angelina Pobre says

    Hi Mommy Chris! I’m Angie, mother of 2 boys (Grade 7 and 10month old baby). I’m very much interested to homeschool my Grade 7 son, but as a first timer, I really do seek help about how to and how much since this was really one of my concern. My Grade 7 son had really having a hard time learning his lesson, which he has a suspected dyslexia symptoms. So my husband and I decided to homeschool him. I find it more interested in DIY curriculum based. What are the risk factor here? Does my child will also received transcript of records and diploma once he will complete all the necessary requirements for this? Please help me Mommy, I’m really seeking advice and guidelines for this. Thank you Mommy Chris! God bless more!

    • Your child can take exams with DepEd at the end of the school year to have his work accredited by DepEd. I also sent you an email.
      Hope this helps!

      • I have the same problem too. My son is suspected to have adhd and is recommended for homeschool. May i know how and how much for this DIY curriculum? What is the first step for homeschooling? Thank you

        • Hello!

          It is best to attend the upcoming Homeschool Convention so you can have an idea what to do. There are many options. You may go independent- meaning not enroll under a provider. You may research on DepEd curriculum and then, buy materials you can use.

          Another way to is to enroll in a provider and let them help you in your homeschool journey. There are many providers and they have their own homeschool intro classes so you’d get an idea which fits your family.

          Hope this helps!

  2. Hello.i am leaning towards unschooling my son after homeschooling him for 2 years.can you please share with me the requirements and tests he has to take should he decide to transfer to conventional school system? Thank you so much

    • Thanks for visiting my blog. Your son would need to take exams in DepEd so the 2 years that he studied would be credited by the school you want to enroll in. You would need to contact DepEd for more details about which exam and when they give it. Thanks.

  3. shiela bocato says

    Good evening Mommy Angie!
    I am currently having 2 kids under a homeschooling program and I’d say it is quite challenging. I took a chance to browse through google on how to “create your own curriculum for MAPE and HELE for my grade six with DepEd requirements. If you could give me an idea how to start, I’d really appreciate any assistance provided. I really hope you to hear from you soon.

    Sincerely yours,

    Shiela Bocato

  4. Gio Timbol says

    I will homeschool my son. Do i need to register him to DepEd before starting his homeschooling? so that later when he takes exam for accreditation, he’s already listed?

    Appreciate if you could send me DepEd guidelines for homeschooling. Thanks!

  5. Maggie Magno says

    HI. Someone is interested in enrolling her child in a homeschooling program. But he missed one quarter in Grade 10, can he take one quarter only? or does he need to take the whole grade 10 again. Thanks.

    • Were you able to finish Grade 10? If you enroll under a provider, they would require you to enroll in one school year. If you would like to homeschool without enrolling in a provider, you may follow the curriculum provided by DepEd’s website and then just go to DepEd to take test at the end of the school year.

  6. Hello!
    My child couldn’t enroll for her grade 10 this year and I was hoping to homeschool her instead in the mean time so that she may join back with her peers for the incoming grade 11. I was wondering, if I were to enroll her in a DepEd Accredited Homeschool Provider, would she still need to take the PEPT Exam after her program to proceed to a formal school?
    Also it would be appreciated if you could recommend some DepEd Accredited Homeschool Providers I should look into! (:

    • Hello! If you enroll her in a Dep Ed Accredited Provider, she won’t need to take the PEPT Exam anymore.
      For Grade 10, you can check out School of Tomorrow and Homeschool Global. I think they have year round enrollment.

      God bless you!

  7. Mariam Akhtar says

    Hi. I’m a Muslim mother of 3 kids. If I will homeschool my kids independently, required ba ng DEPed to include religion in my curriculum? I haven’t seen online na Homeschool provider that is non-sectarian. Thank you.

  8. Hi! Your site helped me a lot on understanding independent homeschooling. May i ask if i can homeschool my daughter fir grades 9 and 10 and 11-12. . And take ppet for 2+ levels?. Shes 16 going to 17 already and quite ahead ( consistently on top) with covid 19 Shes now into deep research into stock investing, financial literacy, entrepreneurship. Shes totally bored in regular school.Appreciate your advise.

    • Thanks for reaching out. Yes, you may homeschool your grades 9, 10 and 11-12. Sorry but I don’t know if you can take PEPT for 2 year levels straight. It is best to contact DepEd regional office where you are located to learn more about PEPT exams and when they will take place.

  9. Hi I am a student,I would love to know if I could accelerate by just taking an exam. Baby steps only, can I have a link to the Grades 9-10 curriculum so I can study ahead? Thank you very much for responding

  10. Jennifer Geraldino says

    Good evening,
    I am a mother of 3 grade schoolers.
    I purposefully signed up for a free homeschool program as a safety measure for my asthmatic kids at this time of pandemic.
    My question is, do I need to sign up or inform DEPED that I intend to homeschool them for a year, in order to have their homeschool program with me accredited?

    • Hello!

      As of now, there are only 2 ways DepEd will accredit the homeschool program that you are doing with your kids:
      a. via enrolling in a homeschool provider who are DepEd accredited
      b. at the end of the school year, take PEPT test to validate the school year that you did together

      Hope this helps!

  11. Hi! I would like to start home schooling my grade 1 and pre k kids this year, do I have to register as an independent homeschool provider? I did not enroll my kids this year due to the pandemic but we’re hope to enroll them to regular school once everything comes back to normal. Thank you very much!

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