About the New AspireAssist Weight Loss Method

The FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) has recently approved a very unusual new weight loss device. The device is an external pump that is attached to the stomach, dumping some of its contents into the toilet. Already hailed as being nothing more than ‘assisted bulimia’, the FDA has nevertheless approved it.

Preliminary Results

Preliminary results have shown that the weight loss stomach pump can help people lose as much as 12% of their overall body weight. That is significantly more than any diet or pill has so far been able to achieve. The device is simply a pump that is attached to a port outside of the abdomen, and it can remove as much as a third of the contents of the stomach per go. It has been created by Aspire Bariatrics of King of Prussia, based in Pennsylvania. In clinical trials, patients were shown to use 46 pounds in a year on average, and a total of 50 by the end of the second year.


Aspire Bariatric of King of Prussia has explained that physicians should not allow the device to be fitted to someone with a (suspected) eating disorder. Additionally, it should not be provided to people who are only moderately overweight. The FDA has joined in this calling and has only approved for those over the age of 22, with a BMI of between 35 and 55, and who can prove that conventional weight loss methods did not work.

A number of scientists have worked together to create the device and present it to the FDA following clinical trials. They are keen to ensure people do not see it as a support for those who have bulimia. Rather, it has been designed as an alternative to weight loss surgery. This is because, by emptying the stomach, people can absorb fewer calories. Furthermore, the clinical trials also showed that people actually ate less, rather than the fear that they would eat more of the wrong things.

A Growing Body of Evidence

This country has been in the grips of an obesity epidemic for many years, and while various treatments are available, the size of the problem continues to grow. It is known that diet drugs are wholly ineffective, and surgery, while effective, is risky and very expensive. This is why a device such as the AspireAssist is a breath of fresh air. Minimally invasive and very effective, it may just be a significant weapon in the war against obesity.

The price of the device has not yet been listed. Besides the cost of the device itself, people will also have to pay for the endoscopic procedure. As such, the exact price is likely to vary depending on the clinic that performs the procedure. Additionally, frequent monitoring will be required to make sure the tube remains of the appropriate length and to make sure people engage in therapy for proper lifestyle changes.

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