How Does Reading Reviews about Any Cell Phone Spy App Help


Not too long ago, published an interesting piece, which needs revisiting. It was a review, titled, “Review: An Undetectable Android Spying Software that No One Can Perceive”. According to the review, using an undetectable cell phone spy app such as XnSpY is very helpful. When we analyze the frequency at which people use monitoring apps, it becomes even more evident that they definitely help.

There’s no doubt that installing such apps on company-issued cell phones helps business owners keep track of productivity and efficiency of individual workers. However, how can you know which company to use and if it will match your business need? How many times have you come across people or forums recommending that you should read reviews about the app before purchasing them?

There is a strong reason for people insisting on the importance of product reviews. Most importantly, they highlight the good and bad features without bias. They help you make up your mind about whether that particular app offers everything you need or not.

Reviews Mention Features 


The first concern you must have about the app is whether it meets your requirements. Reviews highlight the features the apps offer and explain them briefly. For example, considering Xnspy, a review must highlight what it offers. The app offers users the ability to track the target cell phone through GPS tracking. It also has geofencing inbuilt into it, and reviews about the app explain what this feature does. It means that the app detects the target’s locations and alerts the user whenever the person enters or leaves watch-listed places. You can check a similar review by the, where there’s a list of all the features for more information.

Reviews Highlight Pros and Cons of Cell Phone Spy App


According to, 88% of customers read reviews about the product before buying it and rely on them. Like every other thing in life, there are pros and cons in every app you find on app stores. However, what is important for a potential buyer is that the app must not have cons that make using it a continuous problem. Therefore, before you purchase any app, make sure that you read about the cons and not just the pros.

  • What should the pros of using the app offer?

    photo4Pros should help you with firsthand information about the advantages of using the app. One of the advantages a monitoring app must have, without compromise, is its ability to maintain the user’s privacy. By operating in the stealth mode, the app should offer users the option to keep their monitoring activity subtle and undetected.

    Thanks to the cloud technology like iCloud, users of iOS devices store all their data there. Monitoring apps can allow users to access the target’s iCloud. Besides, the app must be small enough so that the installed version must not occupy too much space. When apps occupy too much space on the target device, they cause it to slow down, and hang too frequently. This can be a major turn-off for potential users.

    Another advantage users of apps may have is that they shouldn’t have to hold the target’s cell phone in their hand before they can see the different activities on it. Through web-based control panels, most recent apps offer users this benefit.

  • What likely cons you can expect from the tracking app?

    Each app comes with its own unique cons. Reading the reviews about the app you may be considering can tell you how seriously messy the app may be or if it has a problem that you wouldn’t be able to work with. For instance, some apps are too expensive to afford on a monthly basis. Even if you want to monitor a target, you would want to start with a small and affordable option, especially if it is your first time of using such an app.

    Besides, some apps have the inflexible requirement where you have to subscribe to a 1-month service. There is no free version for trial. This can be a problem, but if the app offers all the features you are looking for, then trying it for a month is worthwhile.

    Another con of using the no-jailbroken version of a cell phone spy app is that you cannot access the activity on the target device without the iCloud credentials.

    Reviews Tell How to Use the App

    photo5Most app reviews also share crucial information about how users can use the app effectively. Some people find it confusing to follow written instructions, for which you can also find review videos on YouTube. To be honest, it is important for apps to have a user-friendly interface. The easier it is for people to use it, the more likable the app would be. Not many people are tech-savvy.

    So, would you read a cell phone app review before subscribing to it in future? As a recommendation, you should!

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