Making Hard Decisions

After much prayers and discussions, we have finally decided to let our daughter stop attending ballet classes. It was a difficult decision to make since she has been taking ballet classes for the past 6 years now with Acts Manila. We’ve seen her grow, not just in dance but moreso in her character. She showed determination – even when it was hard to go to classes, she wouldn’t absent herself from class if possible. She showed perseverance – even when the routine was hard, she kept at it until she got it. She showed care and love to everyone in her ballet class.

This was definitely a hard decision to make but I knew that we had to make it. Financial, logistical and lifestyle issues are our main concerns. We couldn’t afford any longer to keep sending her to classes because ballet is truly an expensive art. From shoes, tights, costumes, exams, recitals and competitions – we just couldn’t keep up anymore. Of course my daughter was sad, but after discussing it together, we knew this was the best decision. The season has come for us to leave ballet.

We also realized that she is truly gifted in visual arts. We wanted her to explore that side as well so that she can fully bloom with the gifts that God has given her.

Before we made this decision, these blog articles  helped me through this decision: “Because when Jesus asks us to do something hard, he walks the difficult road with us” from the post When Jesus Asks You To Do Something Hard from We Are That Family. Another encouragement was from Concerning Change and Bacon Gouda Sandwiches.

I took this time as a way of teaching my child to make hard decisions in life. There will be days when we need to make changes in our life. It may not “feel right” but we prayed together, we considered circumstances and consulted our family members. I believe that through this change in our life, we had a lot of “teachable moments” as we discussed what God wanted us to do and what we are doing next.

I believe that  God will have something else for her. As we wait for new opportunities and new friends that God will bring to her life, we are praying and keeping our eyes open.


  1. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be… but I am sure better opportunities will come your way to discover new talents and hone her skills. She is truly a gifted artist.

  2. Our daughter also took ballet classes under Acts Manila when she was four years old. I knew she wanted to dance because it was pretty obvious. We strived to pay the monthly fee, which was not cheap. I have no idea how well she is doing in class since parents are not allowed to watch the class or rehearsals. After months of waiting for her to finally set her foot on stage for the recital, we didn’t make it. She was all made up, costume and all but we were not able to reach CCP. There was a thunderstorm that blocked the exits in BF Paranaque. Realizing there was another exit, it was too late. It was already 5 PM and they were the first group to perform. Imagine how heartbreaking it was for me. But to her, it was nothing. She didn’t want to go back to ballet after that. She cringes everytime I mention the word ballet 🙁 But like your daughter, she is also into visual arts and crafts. She is also fond of singing and will be joining the AWANA music team again this year.

    Thanks for sharing your journey, Christine. I know how hard it was for your daughter since ballet has been part of her life. Then again, there are different seasons in all our lives and this season in her life will open opportunities for her to explore her other God-given talents and improve her skills.

    Hope to see you around 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your story too Jude. How heartbreaking for you! But then again, God uses every opportunity and trial to make us more like Him and align us to His will for our life. Looking forward to where God will bring us. See you around 🙂

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