Mothering Mishaps: The Biggest Little Mistakes to Avoid in Your Baby’s First Year

When you become a mom for the first time, you quickly discover that your bundle of joy doesn’t come with an instruction manual, which means that there are certain things about mothering that you are going to have learn on the job and trust to instinct.


Choosing the right vehicle for your family needs, like the Dodge Grand Caravan, is one thing, but it might also help to learn about some of the common mistakes that new moms are likely to make in their first year of caring for their baby’s first year, so that you can avoid making them yourself.

Keeping the stress levels under control

There is little doubt that the sense of responsibility that you feel as the person mainly in charge of nurturing a baby in its first few months of life, can make you feel stressed.

It is not hard to understand why you might feel stressed when you are faced with a range of new tasks and responsibilities that you have not faced before, but if you heed the wise words of parents who have already been through that experience, it never pays to get too stressed.

Most new moms worry excessively, so you are not alone, but talk to other moms and healthcare professionals about any concerns you have, rather than stressing unnecessarily. By the time you have another baby, you will know yourself that there was no need to stress so much about every little thing.

Don’t worry about how other babies are doing

You will no doubt be surrounded by friends in a similar scenario to yourself and that could mean that you are tempted to compare progress of your baby to another.

It is perfectly plausible that your baby might still be working out how to roll onto their stomach, while another baby about the same age, is busy crawling around the floor.

Don’t start making comparisons with other babies and worrying if your child is not doing as much as others in your circle. Babies tend to progress at different rates and it is therefore definitely worth worrying about their small steps of progress, as a few weeks can witness some rapid developments, leaving you to wonder what you were stressing about.

Don’t suffer alone

Breastfeeding is a great way of bonding with your baby and giving them a lot of the nutrients and vitamins that they need to flourish, but not every mom takes to breastfeeding like a duck to water.

The important advice is to say that you really shouldn’t attempt to suffer alone if you are having any breastfeeding issues.

It is always far better to get advice from a healthcare professional rather than getting frustrated and remember, it is perfectly normal to have some problems getting the hang of breastfeeding, so there is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed or anxious if you not finding it as easy as you had hoped.

Becoming a mom is a learning journey so enjoy the experience, don’t get too stressed, and ask for help when you need it, whether it is to grab a moment for a nice relaxing bath, or help with a health question.

Chelsea Douglas is currently on maternity leave as she waits for her daughter to be born. This down-time (doctors orders!) is giving her time to finally write the articles that have been in the back of her mind for at least 2 years since the birth of her first daughter!

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