Coupons for Good: Companies Improving the Lives of Young Children

Many companies work with various causes closely related to their brands, but some are doing truly outstanding work. These companies work to improve the lives and education of young children, whether they’re getting them outside or providing school supplies and after-school tutoring. Children are our future, and these four companies are working to make sure their futures are bright.

Office Depot’s Give Back to School Program


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There’s no better cause for Office Depot than that of helping kids who are going back to school. After all, fall tends to be one of the company’s biggest seasons. When customers purchase qualifying school supplies and show a student ID, the store will donate 5 percent of the purchase back to the school. The Give Back to School program is valid all year, which means that you can keep giving back the more you shop.

Reebok Commits to Youth Fitness Programs

Athletic shoe vendor Reebok wants kids to get their shoes muddy, wet, and beat up. It has a passion for getting kids outdoors, and it recently pledged $30 million to promote fitness in elementary schoolchildren. This money works to support the BOKS program (Build Our Kids’ Success), which was started by a group of moms to create before-school programs that get kids outside. Many studies have emphasized the effects of physical fitness on brain activity, which is increasingly hard for kids to access thanks to cuts in recess time. Together, both BOKS and Reebok can instill a love of physical activity in young kids.

JCPenney Cares Partners With the Y

JCPenney has formed a partnership with the Original Arizona Jean Company and the YMCA to promote the Y’s Academic Achievement Initiative. This initiative works with at-risk youth to provide activities and camps over the summer to prevent summer brain drain. JCPenney will donate $1 for every pair of Arizona jeans sold through September 2, 2016, up to $250,000. JCPenney Cares will match the donation, which means that shoppers can help kids’ programs receive $500,000 this fall. That’s shopping for a good cause!

Apple Launches Free Summer Camps in Its Stores

Not every kid has access to expensive laptops with software such as iMovie, so Apple created free summer camps at which kids and their parents can learn how to make movies and even learn some of the basics of coding right in their local stores. The camps are held all over the world, from the United States to Japan to the Netherlands. This summer’s options are Stories in Motion with iMovie, Interactive Storytelling with iBooks, and Coding Games and Programming Robots.

While many of these companies are willing to match donations, the customer ultimately determines how much the schools, kids, and clubs actually make. This means it’s OK to splurge on those cute shoes or extra box of markers; you’re only doing it to make sure your local community is happy and prosperous.

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