Our 2nd KidZania Manila Trip

Last week, my kids and I went back to KidZania in Taguig. We wanted to try out the other activities that we failed to do during our last visit to KidZania. We visited Kidzania a year ago when it was newly open and we wanted to see the changes. As KidZania celebrated its 1st birthday, they had a promo wherein the ticket prices were only 650 pesos for the kids and 500 pesos for the adults during weekdays so we took advantage of this huge discount and headed to Kidzania before our school year begins next week.


As we entered the premises, we noticed that there weren’t much kids unlike our first visit. Most of the activities didn’t have a queue.

The first activity they tried was  the ABS CBN TV Studio .. and they became news reporters for TV Patrol.



I was part of their audience and was pleasantly surprised that they were both able to read Filipino words and pronounced them with clarity.

They also became electrical engineers and fixed a problem with the electricity.

IMG_8809They tried the Coca Cola Bottlers too! They understood how the bottling process actually happens and the meticulous procedure that the drinks go through.


IMG_8815My daughter was quite excited for the Art Academy. She got to do glass painting though it was fun, it failed our expectations since we thought there would be nicer art activities.

IMG_8822My son tried to be a musician and enjoyed playing the drums, the keyboard and singing his heart out!

They also tried the police patrolling and became partners with the firemen in keeping the burning hotel safe! IMG_8827


Since the Olympics has just recently concluded, there were some games that they tried like archery and javelin throwing.


And they also learned how Magnolia makes their famous ice cream.


It seems that it will take us a long time before we go back to KidZania since we were able to do almost all the activities that my kids were interested in! KidZania is indeed a very educational and fun place to visit and I would recommend it as a mandatory field trip to students primarily 7-11 years of age.

For more information on KidZania Manila, visit their website and KidZania Manila FB page.

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