Tricks and Tips for Your School Banner

When school is in session, it’s time to start planning your days to ensure you have enough time around projects to deserve that Saturday night fun. How can a daily planner magically incorporate hang out and homework time? Start with these 5 tips.

1. Find the Perfect Planner

Take your time and introduce yourself. Find the planner set up that you like best and make sure it has plenty of room for your daily assignments and schedule. If you need, look for daily planners that have monthly calendars to help you track your month at a glance.

2. Your Planner Is Now Your Life

You should probably give you planner a name because it’s your new best friend. As long as you keep it in your bag, it will never betray you. Write down every assignment and due date with previously unmatched diligence and even get your planner a protective cover.

3. Give Yourself Reminders 

As you write in your due dates, give yourself reminders a few days in advance. For example, if you are assigned a paper a month in advance, give yourself a reminder a week before it’s due. This way important dates and tasks won’t surprise you.

4. Color Code Everything

Find a color-coding system that makes you happy and stick with it. For example, highlight appointments, homework, projects, bills and parties in different colors. At a glance, you’ll know what’s coming up despite a wall of text.

5. Keep Your Old Pages

You never know when you’ll need to reference a previous project schedule or ensure you kept an appointment. Don’t rip out your planner pages immediately and keep an ongoing record of your completed tasks.

When your grades are on the line, keeping a daily planner is a fantastic idea. Keep up a strong study schedule and see an improvement in your productivity for this semester.


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