Grids for Kids Logic Books Review

Logic puzzles are a good way to exercise the brain and one’s reasoning skills. But sometimes, it is hard to find one that is easy enough for beginners to try.


This has been the experience of Brian and Melanie Fulton. They have been looking for one that is fit and appropriate for their oldest daughter, a logic puzzle that would help their daughter  practice her reasoning skills at the beginner’s level but couldn’t find one. Since both of them are experienced writers and editors of mathematics curricula for a variety of levels, from middle school through postgraduate, they decided to write one for kids!

Grids for Kids Logic Books come in 4 different  levels. Level 1 is best for 8 years old and up. Each level has 30 puzzles. There are five tutorials in each level to walk the child through the solution process for solving similar type puzzles. There are supplements available if you want to have additional practice puzzles for every level. The file is in PDF format so you can easily view and print out the lessons.

My 12 year old daughter and 9 year old son haven’t really tried many logic puzzles before. So when I was asked to review this product, I thought this would be a good practice for them. We were sent the Level 1 and Level 2 PDF files.

The book has 3 sections: the puzzles, tutorials and the answers. I immediately printed off the puzzles and asked my kids to read and follow the tutorials for the section 1. Afterwards, they were able to work through the next 5 puzzles by themselves. My son who loves Math was able to understand the process faster and answered most of the puzzles.

Afterwards, my daughter kept on and tried the Puzzles in section 2. Following the same pattern, looking at the tutorials first and worked on the puzzle clues.



I also tried to work on the puzzles. Sometimes, it is easy to follow the tutorial and fill up the logic grid but sometimes, I get confused too! This is truly a different way to bond as a family. We discussed the possible answers together and check the answer key who got the right answer!

Grids for Kids Logic Books only cost $3.00 per level. The supplements only cost $1.50 each.

I would recommend this logic grid puzzle book for children who needs to sharpen their logic thinking skills. It is good start for beginners and a good practice for intermediate students. This has been a big help for our family who has never tried logic puzzles before. I would also suggest that  answering the puzzle is  a fun way to spend your Friday night together as a family too!

If you wish to try this product first, you may request for a free sample from :

For more information, please visit Grids for Kids website.

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