Coupons for Good: 3 Tips for Giving Unique Gifts That Give Back

Gift cards are the most popular gifts in the United States, followed by clothing and electronics. These items are practical, but they say little about the gift recipients and their relationships to the people offering presents. For gifts your loved ones will remember, think outside the box and give a present that impacts more than the recipient. Here are three amazing gift ideas that give back.

A Night Out With Groupon


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Once kids come along and you settle into a life of domesticity, nights out can be few and far between. So why not treat the special people in your life to a night out from Groupon? This site has plenty of great options, including discounted movie tickets, hotel stays, restaurants, and shows. Combine several vouchers to give your loved ones a truly special night. You could also offer to watch their children so they can really enjoy themselves.

For a great deal, browse through the Groupon coupons on GoodShop. This site donates 5.5 percent of your purchase price to a charity of your choice whenever you shop, so it’s a great way to give back to causes that matter to you.

Groupon also gives back to the community through its Groupon Grassroots initiative, which promotes charitable programs that need a helping hand. All amounts received through Grassroots promotions reach the designated charities and programs.

A Personalized Mug From Shutterfly

Being a parent can be exhausting; most of us agree we’d never make it through the day without coffee. So why not make your loved ones’ coffee break a little more special with a personalized mug from Shutterfly? Customize the mug with a photo of your recipient’s kids, you both together, or something else that’s meaningful.

When you shop with Shutterfly you support the Shutterfly Foundation, an employee-run nonprofit that provides grants and organizational assistance to initiatives, which help make the world a better place.

Like Groupon, Shutterfly is also a proud partner of GoodShop. Like the Shutterfly GoodShop page on Facebook to never miss a deal.

Spa and Skin Care Products From Ten Thousand Villages

Everyone deserves pampering, so why not treat someone you love to spa and skin care products from Ten Thousand Villages? These aren’t mass-produced, chemical-laden beauty products found in department stores. Each item on the site is personally made by artisans in the developing world who receive a fair price for their handiwork. Choose from pomegranate soap from India, a sari scrubber from Bangladesh, shea lip butter from Ghana, and heaps more. Or, why not buy several items and put together a unique beautiful body hamper? Each goodie is marked with the country of origin and comes with information about its creator.

Ten Thousand Villages also sells other fair trade goodies, including jewelry, handbags, homewares, artwork, and more. By selling all these products, Ten Thousand Villages improves the lives of approximately 20,000 artisans in 30 developing nations.

Don’t settle for another gift card or pair of socks and jocks this year. Your loved ones will rave about these great gift ideas from caring companies.

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