Exercise Made Easy: Ways to Make Time for Fitness in Your Crazy-Busy Life

Having the advantage of exercising in your own home is a great way to stay in shape. You don’t have to worry about getting to the gym after work or taking turns using the machines once you get there. A home gym provides you with everything you need to get your workout in whenever you want.

But even with the advantage of a home gym, many people find it difficult to make time for their workouts. Between family needs, work and chores around the house, making time for exercise can be a problem. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few simple tips to help you find the time to use your home gym.

Start Slowly

When you think about an exercise routine, you probably think that you have to work out for 45 minutes to an hour to get the full effect. While this may be true, you don’t have to start with a full routine.

Instead, do a few minutes a day just to get into the routine of exercising. Choose a specific time — after work, before you shower in the morning — and just use your home gym for 15 minutes or so. This will help you get used to exercising, both physically and mentally. Also, you won’t get burned out on exercise before you start to reap the benefits.

If you don’t want to do it every day, just 15 minutes a few times a week will help get you started. Then, as you progress, you can up your time to 25 minutes, then 35, and next thing you know, you will be able to go for an hour or so. Just try to do it at the same time every day to get in the routine.

For more on building your own gym, visit this home gym guide before committing to anything.

You Don’t Even Need Equipment

Even if you don’t have exercise equipment in your home, that doesn’t mean you can’t find time to exercise. You just might have to get a little creative.

Next time your friends suggest meeting for lunch, why not argue for a healthy snack and a short hike instead? If you can walk to work or to a store, do that instead of driving. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Chances to get in a little exercise are all around you if you look for them.

Find a Partner

If you have a home gym or are looking to build one, try to get a friend — or your spouse or even your children if they are old enough — to workout with you.

Having an exercise partner is great motivation and exercising will less like a chore than something that is fun to do. Partners are also great motivators and you can have competitions between the two of you to see who can do the most push-ups, or burn the most calories on the treadmill. Make exercising fun and you will find the time!

Amelie Grant shares her exercise tips around the web. She went from never exercising, using the ‘I’m too busy’ excuse to now exercising daily, making it a key part of her daily routine.

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